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Public Funding, Technology Transfer, Research/Industry Cooperation

The investment theme will run over three days, and will look at all aspects of nanotechnology investment, including public funding, industrial investment and venture capital.

Investment and venture capital

A full day will be dedicated to the business and investment potential of nanotechnology, with analyst perspectives from Michael Holman of Lux Research, and Miroslav Durana, head of nanotechnology research at Credit Suisse. Presentations from major nanotechnology investors will include Leonid Melamed, head of the world’s largest nanotechnology venture fund, Russia’s €5bn investment agency Rosnanotech.

The afternoon will give you the opportunity to hear from and meet a number of the most interesting nanotechnology start-ups and new firms. If you’re leading such a business, and you wish to be considered for a presentation, you can apply for a venture presentation.

Research/Industry Cooperation

Promoting cooperation between the research and industrial communities, this session will feature presentations from globally leading companies and research centres. Companies present at the event include leaders from major industrial players such as IBM, Roche, Merck, Samsung, HP, Fujitsu, Danisco, Novo Nordisk and Vestas.
New models of cooperation will be explored, including Nokia’s open innovation network with the University of Cambridge and Helsinki University of Technology.

There are two ways to contribute to this session:

  • If you are a company looking for research partners. Apply now
  • If you are a university or research centre looking for industrial partners. Apply now

Public Funding

Public investment in nanotechnology is large and growing. Over $6,4bn was invested by governments in 2006, and this number is projected to increase over the coming years. This investment has traditionally been led by the US, the EU and Japan, but nations with great potential, such as China, India and Russia are also increasing their investment (in fact, ranked by purchasing power parity, China’s investment is the world’s second largest).
A panel featuring representatives from the leading funding agencies in the EU, Russia, China and Japan will examine the trends and issues that influence this public funding of nanotechnology.